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time to say good bye

tomorrow is a big day 4 me.. gonna go 2 uitm mlaka 4 studies.. univercity life!! i'm sure gonna be so  much different than a normal life that i used to..but i dont care, time by time its gonna be okay.. hope so(cross finger). its a big step 4 me to enter the new place n leaving my old place b'coz i never go 4 any residantial skol..  yeah, i know, i am a bit lazy, so i hope the university lifestyle could change tho whole of my bad attitude.. its the time 4 me to be independent, no need to hang on others.. i am a bit scared about the whole thing n i wish the time could be longer n slower so that i can still relaxing in my own badroom, on9 4 hours, playing my psp, watching the movies till late night n hang out wif my friends all the time.. but the time is not.. it move just like a train without a pit stop.. ahh damn, time do move fast. hurm there is a saying goes " u may feel dissapointed if u fail, but u are doomed if u do not try". so what am i thinking about.. no need to be scared, just do my thing n believe all the thing gonna move smoothly.. UITM here i come, watch out, coz i'm gonna score like no others..

so time 2 say good bye to:
*port dickson

" you can't score if u dont take the shot"~~~just give it a try guys..


wanie said...

best of luck :)
welcome to uitm. hee.

uitm di hatiku. wee. nanti nyanyi lagu tuh kuat2 okayy. ngengg !

Nazrin Nasir said...

thankz.. ahh xnak r nyanyi lgu 2.. haha..

fatinhidup said...

dah msuk secong year, ak stil x hafal lagu2 uitm.. haha

hey, bwk jela psp, laptop sume tuh~

Nazrin Nasir said...

mls.. time mms t bkn ade mse pun.. da lme skit bru aku nak bwk.. hehe..

aLya said...

gud luck with ur new envirmnt..hehehe