Mr. Frog is hungry (-__-')

This is my frog, do u guys mind to feed him by clicking on the white board..

people left as time passing by.

its been a boring days 4 me, as all my friend have to left their own places 4 thier own responsibility.. i never thought that losing of them could make me lonely.. i love my pass time, having fun wif all my friends.. hanging out at 3 am in the morning 4 roti canai.. wasting my time at mamak chit chating, getting cut n brus in rugby, jamming till my nail are broken, laughing till my stomach in pain.. i miss my pass time, i miss my activity, i miss my freak life n i miss them.. 2 week to go before me myself lefting my own places, lefting my enjoyable experience life,lefting my pass time 4 my responsibility..

*haris in uitm alor gajah
*yuzer in uitm p.alam
*apeng in tati college
*apek in upnm


dania said...

jum lepak!

Nazrin Nasir said...


aainaaqila said...

aainaa takde? hihi :3 bukan u nak masuk melaka gak ke? lambat siket jew.

Nazrin Nasir said...

xkesah.. i'm still boring at here!!