Mr. Frog is hungry (-__-')

This is my frog, do u guys mind to feed him by clicking on the white board..

berwajah bru!!

my blog my way sudah brwajah bru n ditukarkan kpd my blog my frog..
i hope u guys like it.. but why frog??
4 me, frog is a cute creature.. some may say its disgusting n ugly, but not 4 me..
look at my header, dont u think its cute??
yeah i admit malaysian's frogs are not cute, they live in a drain and eats flies.
but this little orange frog have taken my heart.. hehe
another think, "she" like orange n that make me no reason to hate orange, nevermind dont bother bout it!! haha..

looking at frog inspire me, they jump ahead n make a sound.. frog does not jump backward,
means they are moving forward.. besides, they make sound when they need rain.. they dont make a sound 4 no reason.. we as human should be like a frog, never looks back, move ahead, stop thinking bout our failure or bad memories, we should move guys.. another thing, we should make a sound like a frog..
this doesn't mean u have to sound like frog u morron.. ong ong ong ong, haha, is that make any sense?? huh
i mean we should make a sound or speak up when it needs.. just like frogs that make a sound when they need rain.. how inspiring.. so are u guys feeling froggish rite now? like really2 froggish rite now, so lets make a sound ong ong ong ong.. hahaha...

nota kaki: fisheye?? lets try frogeye!! lomo on..