Mr. Frog is hungry (-__-')

This is my frog, do u guys mind to feed him by clicking on the white board..

Am i dreaming??

how am i gonna say bout my feelings.. i just donno what has just happen to me.. ahhhh she is so cuteeee n i cant stop thinking bout her.. whenever  i think bout her, i cant stop smiling n loughing.. she make my day feel so happy.. i donno what is this feeling.. i think i am in "angau".. my heart beat fast, so that it make me speachless whenever she beside me.. i am a talkative person, but beside her, i can think a word.. ahh is this is what people call LOVE.. i'm so in too her.. sometime, i do feel pain looking her wif other guys, off9 when i'm on9.. i think i'm getting jealous n missing her.. what had crash on me?? pls somebody?? could u slap me on my face!!

come on nazrin wake up.. u are noting to her.. she even 4get bout ur birtday.. look at urself in the mirror nazrin, she is princess u are %*^$$&.. how on earth a princess gonna fall in love wif a fat, messy guys like u.. dont act like u are a prince naz..  just move on..

yeah i know i am not deserve 4 her.. she deserve someone alot lot lot more better than me.. so what can i do?? just let this feeling go away like that.. i know people do say that u need to be brave.. even in the movie the heroe must be brave in order to get their love.. but could u look at the heroe, i'm no like edward cullen, brad pitt or aron aziz.. so how come i gonna be the heroe.. the director probably didn't take me as an extra.. yes i want her, i'm eager 4 her, i'm in to her, but look at me.. cut the crap..

i dont want to make she feel guilty.. if i say bout my feeling to her.. so better keep it to myself.. so that she doesnt has to make the choices, n dissapoint me.. from  now on, i'm slowly trying to erased the feeling towards her.. day by day i try to stop thinking bout her, i dont want to feel the pain of being rejected.. thankz to my friend 4 introducing her to my life.. she has make nazrin in a daze 4 a while.. i  heve early know that i gonna be like this at the first moment i met her.. so i think, we gonna be just a friend.. not more than that.. she beautiful, i'm average.. that the fact.. full stop..

p/s: i'm willing to do anything 4 her.. hurmmm